Our Focus: Protecting your assets

Our Goal: Prevent crime before it happens

Our Mission: To solve our customers' security
challenges while providing the best service

Our DINA Framework


Our primary goal is to prevent crime before it happens. We customize the deterrence factor of your Lincoln Security surveillance system to fit your property’s needs. We broadly categorize the levels of deterrence as follows:
  • Level 1: Incorporates the strategic placement of high-end cameras, lighting (to increase visibility at night), and signage. Leveraging wireless cameras means we can place the cameras exactly where you need them. Our best-in-class wireless networks means your cameras stay on.
  • Level 2: In addition to Level 1, We incorporate the use of live video monitoring and real-time audio deterrent to deter criminals before you suffer loss or damage. Our audio deterrent solution instantly deters criminal activity by making would-be criminals aware that they are being watched. The alerts can cause suspects to leave the property before any serious damage is done.
  • Level 3: Incorporates the use of access control and infrared perimeters

Identify, Notify, Arrest

Not all criminals can be deterred. To address these cases, we primarily leverage our Level 2 solutions of high-end cameras and live video monitoring to Identify criminal activity, Notify law enforcement so they can catch the criminals in the act and make an Arrest.

Live video monitoring = Quicker police response times
  • Being able to verify crimes in progress means quicker police response times. This can often result in the police arriving before the suspects have left your property. This leads to more arrests and less repeat crime.
  • Having cameras recording 24/7 means valuable video evidence to help prosecute.

Lincoln Labs

We prioritize investing in our people and technology. Lincoln Labs is our research and develop lab where we:

  • Test and develop new technology.
  • Innovate new techniques
  • Train our first-class installation team

We have built a strong culture of continuous learning and self-improvement. All Lincoln technicians undergo rigorous training. This culminates in a team with expertise and knowledge to drive project success.

Our Story

Lincoln Security has been in business for more than 10 years and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

We are a leading provider of security surveillance systems for commercial properties. Our suite of products and services help clients to detect and deter crime (theft, vandalism, property damage) while reducing or eliminating security guard expenses (savings of up to 70%).

We specialize in wireless surveillance systems that provide higher picture quality, have the strongest wireless signal in the industry, and can be installed anywhere our clients need which significantly improves crime detection and police response.

We back our work with the best service and equipment warranty in the industry. It includes unlimited service calls and full equipment coverage for up to 5 years!

Our offering includes wireless camera systems, live video monitoring, license plate scanners, real-time audio deterrent, alarms, infrared perimeters, access control, smart locks, and fogging systems.

Our clients include all types of commercial properties including multi-family buildings (Garden to High-rise), industrial properties, shopping centers, distribution centers, and office buildings.